Ousmane Sembène, “father” of African cinema, dies in Senegal

Ousmane Sembène, most famously known for his African films (his most recent and, perhaps, well-known being 2004’s Moolaadé)  died at his home in Dakar today. If you haven’t seen it, Moolaadé is the story of a woman who decides to shield a group of girls from being circumcised. “Moolaadé” is the magical protection she offers them. As long as they remain on her compound, behind a colored rope that she fixes to the front of her house, nobody dares step beyond that rope to collect the girls.


Ousmane Sembène, 2005

Sembène is also the author of God’s Bits of Wood, a story of collective action against oppression during a railroad strike on the Dakar-Niger railway line.

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