Rides We Loved

Rides we loved included:

 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror  (we went on it three times, as did our six-year-old niece)

Sun Wheel (I swear, this is the scariest freakiest ride in the whole damn park!)

California Screaming (a loop-di-loop roller coaster)

Soarin’ Over California (surprisingly fun, a sort of IMAX where your seats do actually lift like you’re in an airplane and besides all that, we got free mickey mouse hats when it was all over which, as Chris kept pointing out, saved us about $17 bucks)

Magic Mountain (couldn’t find a link, but this is a rollar coaster where you are completely in the dark)

 We ended up at a lot of rides in the new California Adventure theme park. The rides were about 3/4 of the time (10-15 minutes as opposed to 1 hour) and scarier.

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