Dog and Chair

I was out for my daily walk today and passed a dog, posing nicely for his owner in their driveway, his leash tied to the leg of a metal lawn chair. “Well-behaved dog,” I said. Two minutes later, I saw that same dog sprinting across the park, the metal chair banging behind him, nipping at his heels. The poor dog kept glancing behind him at this monster that was chasing him, while the owner, shoeless, came running after him yelling, “BUDDY, STOP.”

Buddy did not stop. I joined the search for him as the poor owner was clearly in a fix, without shoes, and the dog in an even worse fix, dragging that chair around. I tracked the dog about 3/4 of a mile–he ran past the San Bruno Senior Citizens Center and that’s the last anybody saw of him. At that point, he had two choices–either enter the freeway (God, I hope he didn’t do that) or continue on the road into the state park, which is a vast wilderness that stretches several miles to the ocean.

 Here’s hoping the owner finally tracks him down.

Comment One

  1. Jess

    I ran into the owner and his girlfriend/wife/partner the other day. They found the dog two days later. Thank God. I kept thinking about my own dog whenever I saw a vision of that poor dog clanking around the wilderness with a metal chair chained to his collar.

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