El Paso: a culture of alcohol

We were going out last night again, meeting some friends in a bar again, and Chris said, “I’d like to think that all this running around and partying is just because I’m only in town for a few days…but the truth is, that’s the way it is in El Paso all the time. It’s why it’s so hard for anybody to get anything done. Everybody’s out drinking all the time.”

We had dinner last night with a friend who said he was planning to write a paper about El Paso called something like, “All bars, no parks,” and he pointed out that if you drive along any major street in our fair city, you will find a dozen bars…..and no parks. If you want a succesful business in El Paso, start a bar. Maybe that’s true everywhere but it’s certainly true here. I’ve seen some music venues go out of business but no bars.

I love my hometown, but there is a significant culture of alcohol here. A girl I once knew told me, “My friends and I started going to J-Town (Juarez) to drink when we were fourteen. In El Paso, everybody’s partied out by the time they reach 21.” Actually, while I think she’s right about the first part, I’m not sure everybody’s partied out by the age 21.

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