Beauty Queens Against The Wall


Debbie Nathan blogs that Miss Teen Mexico, Miss Texas Latina, and Miss Teen US Latina are all displeased about plans to build a wall on the border. They plan to protest by joining hands across the river to demonstrate the bonds of friendship and good will between Mexicans and Americans.

martha-barraza.gif Says the normally iconoclastic Debbie Nathan, “But wow, Beauty Queens against Border Walls! Could anything be more mainstream? More ‘It’s so, like, OK to have progressive politics’?”

Doesn’t this beauty queen to the left, Miss Texas Latina, look exactly like a plastic barbie doll?

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  1. Debbie Nathan

    Honest, this is a real person, from El Paso no less. Yup, she does look like a plastic Barbie Doll. But hey, plastic Barbie Dolls against Border Walls! Even more mainstream! Thanks for making my point even better.

  2. Jess


  3. Erik

    Years ago I read in Reader’s Digest about a dancer whose poses were caricatured by an artist in New York. Over the years the caricatures got wilder and wilder, limbs splayed in impossible postures and motions. The two finally met, and the dancer said something to the effect that he had enjoyed that artist’s caricatures and tried to mimic the visual effect while dancing; in essence, the two had set up a strange artistic feedback loop in which each was imitating the other.

    I wonder if beauty queens and barbie dolls have the same sort of feedback loop built up. Mattel tries to make barbies look like beauty queens, and beauty queens try to make themselves look like barbie dolls.

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