Woman dies in crucifix position

I had heard about this exorcism death a couple of months ago but just now took the time to look it up.  Man, it reminds me of a few horror films I wish I’d never seen. What happened? A few local nuns and priests in an Orthodox monastery in Romania decided that a woman recently diagnosed with schizophrenia was actually possessed by Satan. They chained her to a makeshift cross for three days, trying to cast demons out of her. She died. The 29-year-old priest in charge of the exorcism, Daniel Petre Corogeanu, told local media that “You can’t take the Devil out with pills.” He has been defrocked and charged with murder and the monastery shut down. THANK GOD. The article appears to argue that because the church had burgeoned since the fall of Communism, the Orthodox hierarchy has insufficient control of rogue congregations . Interesting argument, NY Times….It also argues that the young nuns who joined the monastery were “devoted” to the young priest, Fr. Corogeanu, pictured to the left. Not sure WHAT exactly they mean by that.

Here I’m quoting directly from the NY Times article:

They kept her in the church, supine on the makeshift cross for three days. They forced a towel into her mouth to stop her cursing while they prayed and wet her lips with holy water, though Father Corogeanu said she refused to drink. Finally, with people from the village expected for services, they moved her back to the nuns’ quarters and removed her chains. They say she had calmed down and, though weak, smiled.

“She was fine, she was cured,” said Father Corogeanu in the interview. “She fell asleep and that meant she was better.”But when the nuns could not wake her and found her pulse weak, they grew worried and called an ambulance, according to the account he and several of the nuns gave during the television interview. By the time she reached the hospital, she was dead. Doctors notified the police when they saw the marks on her wrists and ankles left by the chains. An autopsy found that she had died of dehydration, exhaustion and a lack of oxygen…..

“Only God knows why he took her,” Father Corogeanu said. “I think that’s how God wanted her to be saved.”

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