Woefully behind

Because I’m trying to finish edits on Killing Isaac and I’m also trying to finish another novel, currently titled (for lack of imagination) NomKhosi (which is a Zulu name for a girl and it means “With Great Celebration” or “The Greatest Par-tay in the World!!!!), I am woefully behind on some books I promised to review.

That shall change this week, I solemnly promise. Okay, the promise is not that I will review them this week but that I will make a grand effort to get to them this week. Those books are, not necessarily in order: a trilogy by Mike Kearby (I will probably only review the latest one), My Daughter’s Eyes and Other Stories by Annecy Baez, Closed for Repairs by Nancy Alonso, and America’s Child by Susan Sherman.

 Coming soon from a crazed, desperate writer near you…..

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