Free Speech/Anti-Immigration: Mackenzie Malone is in the news

While I find this student’s editorial abhorrent, I do stand behind his right to write it and, if published, not be bullied or attacked, as he claims he was. Further, I agree with the court’s ruling that “upheld a high school journalist’s right to write an anti-immigrant editorial and affirmed California’s strong legal protections for students’ free speech.” The school chose to publish his editorial in the first place and then it revoked the remaining issues of the paper when it received complaints. 

Apparently, the student expressed the idea that “any Latino who couldn’t speak English was probably an illegal immigrant and should be taken in for questioning.” I guess I hope he remains in the journalist profession and doesn’t become a politician because that would be staggeringly bad policy.

What is most interesting is that here we have a scene almost straight from the pages of The Confessional! Student writes anti-immigration opinion piece, receives flak, gets attacked. Hmmm, MacKenzie Malone, anyone?

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  1. Erik

    Jeez, he was attacked? I hope he’s okay.

  2. Jess

    He’s fine. This was years ago, literally–2001!

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