Vodka enemas

I don’t advise trying this, but today I discovered a new way to get shit-faced really fast, really cheap: a vodka (or wine or other alcohol) enema. Apparently, if you take a turkey baster and you…well, you get the picture. It goes directly through the membranes and so works much quicker than drinking. The kid who’d tried it said it “really f-ing burns” but, he added,  it works in seconds, that is, if your goal is to get plastered. And if you don’t have tons of alcohol to waste.

Amazing, the things you learn when you volunteer with homeless teenagers!

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  1. Erik

    And then, when you lose control of your bowels, somebody can set the mess on fire! Yay!

  2. Jess

    Actually, he had some comments about that, too–but it’s too gross to post on the web.

  3. Nanda

    At least on your website…

  4. Nanda

    Thank goodness too.

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