The 2008 Chico’s Tacos Rebellion

chicos-tacossmall.jpgThey wouldn’t leave without their Chico’s” by Ramon Renteria is tale #1 in the Chico’s Tacos¬†chronicles. El Pasoans love their Chico’s so much that, during an electrical fire, customers wouldn’t leave because they wanted their tacos. The owner had to call the cops to get them to leave.

As my mother says, only in El Paso! I’ve written about it before but I have a friend who broke up with a girl because she didn’t like Chico’s and if she didn’t like Chico’s, she would never fit in, in El Paso….Yep, we love our Chico’s.


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  1. Erik

    I mentioned this to a colleague who is also from El Paso. She said she had already heard the story (news gets around fast) and we shared some Chico’s memories. I asked if she ever knew any couples that broke up over Chico’s and she said no, but she did know couples who had as a major part of their wedding plans how to afford Chico’s to feed everyone. I hope she meant the cost of having Chico’s cater the event, not the cost of having the reception at Chico’s, but I was afraid to ask. I asked how often she had gone to Chico’s. Her response: “Not very often. I never really got drunk enough to think Chico’s was the place I wanted to be.” Borrachos indeed.

  2. Pol vanRhee

    I’ve never eaten at Chico’s but it reminds me of Roberto’s in San Diego. Good, but better if it’s late and you’ve been drinking.

  3. Shemeka Chiodi

    Yo cheers for the new cool post.

  4. David

    YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…literally. Put poison in your body and it’s released from your pores. Next time you find yourself at Chicos just observe the greasy and pimple infected faces and arms of it’s overweight regulars. I visited Chicos and ate one order and broke out the next morning. What more can you expect from their secret ingredients: Expired tomatoes, Expired tortilla bread, artificial beef, artificial cheese and not to mention bacterea. Only in El Paso would this ever be called a “tradition”.

  5. Jess

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Chico’s myself but I keep that on the down low when I’m in El Paso.

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