thankful for scholarship

I would just like to say here and now that even while I frequently sigh over the problems with scholarship and the academy (its frequent elitism, its inaccessiblity to everyday people, its writing style, its occasional problems with superiority even when it’s just stating the freakin’ obvious, its erudite vocabulary that contributes to its inaccessbility), I am really truly grateful for the people who spend years researching the things they research. And I am truly grateful for the many wonderful, intelligent people in academia who, instead of taking their careers in money-making directions, have taken the time to teach people what they know and to make their years of research available to the public. And I am also so so so grateful to academic presses who publish these books that never make any money but are worth it for the contribution they make to our ever-growing sum total of knowledge.  Without it, I couldn’t do what I do. It makes my job as a creative writer possible. Thank you thank you thank you for what you do!

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