Inside the Eloy Detention Center

This short video clip shows the inside of a detention center for immigrants who are waiting to be deported or waiting for a trial to see if they will be allowed to remain in the U.S. According to the news report, there is a failure of due process of law; there is a failure to give detainees access to legal counsel; and there is a failure in oversight and monitoring of what goes on inside. Complaints by detainees who claim they are abused are reviewed by the very people being complained about, with no outside monitoring. Like Guantanamo, it is evident that people can disappear inside these institutions for months or years without anybody knowing where they’ve gone and without any way for them to contact their families or lawyers.

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  1. Alexander Iusan

    I was a detainee at Eloy detention Center for one year. I was denied bail because I was flight risk. I have family in the US. I had a job, a place to live, cars, bank account, I wanted to remain in the US at all cost. On the other hand there were peolpe that were illegaly in the US and were being granted bail. There are many things that are happening in that insttitution that are not fair. Thank You for listening to my story.

    Alexander Iusan

  2. joyce flores

    i ahve afamily member in the dentition center in eloy and we ahev tried and tried to get her alien number so we can write to her since we are in calif. also we wish to find out when she is goingt o court and no one will tell us anyhting at all! we have tried calling and calling every number they give us but usually no answer to anythng! do you know of any way to find out her alien number so at least we can write or how to find out when a person being held there is to go to court. she had no address book with her of course so she has no way to write to us or even call! help please!!!!!!!

  3. Jess

    Joyce, I think your best bet is to contact an immigration lawyer. They will know the ins and outs of how to contact a family member inside a detention center.

  4. Unknown unknown

    call the facility, and they can look her up for you and give you all her information call 520-466-4141

  5. connie felix

    we went thru the same excat thing but all u have to di is this… call the chaplin at the detention center they work miracles and will help you to even get a call to talk with your loved one luck!

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