The Riots in South Africa

The violence in South Africa (which started in Jo’burg) has spread to Cape Town and, I hear from friends, to Durban. My Zulu language teacher, who is Ndebele and from Zimbabwe, says that one of the reasons Zimbabweans are being attacked (beyond the recent influx of possibly up to a million refugees) is because there was a higher literacy rate in Zimbabwe than in other countries (including South Africa) and so immigrants from Zimbabwe never had problems finding jobs. This article concurs with my teacher, claiming that the problem isn’t xenophobia but jealousy, while these comments on the spreading violence remind South Africans that Zimbabwe and other southern African countries offered shelter to tens of thousands of South Africans during apartheid.

Njau Kimemia, a Kenyan working in South Africa, has written an editorial,  claiming that racial profiling is still occuring in South Africa at the airport–a decent black, he says, will be treated worse than a drug-smuggling Caucasion.

People scatter as a South African police officer raises a shotgun outside the Central Methodist Church which houses hundreds of foreign immigrants, after South Africans attempted to attack them in Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 May 2008. Thousands of protesters marched in downtown Johannesburg to protest the recent attacks against foreigners that left over 40 people dead, hundreds seriously injured and some 15,000 displaced.  EPA/JON HRUSA

Police officer tries to defend foreign immigrants in Jo’burg.

photo taken from Zimbabwe Situation

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    Dear sirs,

    I have been trying to trace Mr. Njau Kimemia. Please help me to trace him. Ask him to write to me. We were in the same class at Lari Primary school.

    Jonathan Karanja

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