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henry-trotter-chris-gibson-and-jessica-powers.jpgI just found out that Zebra Book Blog posted a picture of me, Chris, and Henry Trotter at the Cape Town Book Lounge book launch for Andrew Brown’s Street Blues: A Reluctant Policemen.  It is a GREAT book, by the way, but I’m not sure it’s available in the U.S. Andrew Brown was an anti-apartheid activist, and apparently came close to bombing the same police station where he is now a weekend police officer. He writes compelling tales about the relationship between cops and civilians in the new South Africa. He writes about the fear he can taste every night as he tries to do his job. Each chapter shows the moral dilemmas that policemen face, told from the perspective of someone who is more a civilian than a cop (“reluctant” is the right word) but who is a reservist in the second most violent country in the world (second only to Jamaica, apparently). (I kind of wonder when they rank countries, how do they position countries like South Africa, who is not at war, against countries like Iraq? Is South Africa really more violent than Iraq right now? I’d much rather go to SA, I gotta tell ya.)

Here, you can see the relaxed Henry Trotter, the I’ve-gained-ten-pounds-in-six-weeks Jessica Powers, and the I’ve-just-stepped-off-a-24-hour-flight-from-the-U.S.-and-I’m-still-wearing-the-same-T-shirt Chris Gibson. All captured for posterity.

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  1. Tabitha

    Cool picture. Since pics don’t have smell, we wouldn’t have known about Chris’ t-shirt, and the 10# has to be a myth! You look great!


  2. Jess

    Well, if you look carefully at Chris’s eyes, you can see he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep. But maybe that’s just my trained eye!

  3. Jess

    On a side note, I keep getting spam comments on this particular posting–people commenting about Chris Brown and his latest shenannigan with Rhianna. I think it’s the juxtaposition of the name “Chris” with “Andrew Brown” that keeps drawing people to this posting. WEIRD.

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