Picture Books and the mysteries of babies

I read to Nesta (4 ½ months old) most days. We have a ton of picture books & board books, which I’ve been accumulating over the years—for my own pleasure, mostly, but in the back of my mind, always the thought, When I have a child of my own

 Nesta doesn’t pay attention too much right now. He likes brightly colored picture books, and I’m glad that he’s a big fan of some of Cinco Puntos’s picture books. Abcedarios, Opuestos/Opposites, and The King of Things always seem to elicit his attention–he loves the bright drawings inspired by Mexican culture.

(Abecedarios: a book Nesta likes)

 But there is one picture book by a big New York publishing company that Nesta simply HATES. And I cannot figure out why. I’m not going to name the book because I don’t want to give it negative press. I, personally, am fond of the book—and the series. But every single time I open that book and try to read it to Nesta, he starts crying on the first page. Chris tells me that he’s tried to read that book to Nesta—same thing. And my mother is visiting this week, and she told me she was happily reading to him, and he was enjoying each book, and as soon as she opened that one, he started to fuss and fidget and cry.

 Clearly, he doesn’t like this book. At 4 ½ months of age, he knows what he likes!

 But I can’t figure it out.

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