An interview and a book discussion

Awesome poet and interviewer Marissa Bell Toffoli interviewed me last month and that interview is now live on her website. A highlight: “I want to have the world be tilted a little, to have it look a little bit different to people than before they came into the book…” Please check it out, vote for it, leave comments. Thanks!

The Assembly on Literature for Young People (ALAN) did a fantastic conversation/review of This Thing Called the Future on their blog, Under the Radar. Also a place to post comments! Here’s an excerpt from one of the participants, Bucky: “I like that while it is realistic, there are so many elements of the spiritual and supernatural too. Readers might enjoy deciding for themselves if some of the more mystical elements can be explained by science or something else. Does everything have to have a logical explanation? Subjects or themes explored include sibling and family relationships; conflict between ancient cultural practices and contemporary society; puppy love; coming of age, and more. While the story is a bildungsroman, it bridges the space between literary realism, magical realism, and the more metaphysical “fever dream” element of many vision quests.”


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